Roomers have existed as long as most can remember in the tales of conspirators, outsiders, and religious extremists, of the glories or torment that await those who obtain the keys to the kingdom. Some have made seeking the "kingdom" into routine religion, but most have either dismissed or fought this idea; until now.

Only recently have these roomers caught the ear of the common and influential alike. A realistic search effort has only recently put into place with little avail and with little pretense. No one is sure why everyone seems interested in these keys all of a sudden or what they do. Some believe the keys to the kingdom are actual keys, some believe its a ritual, and some say its a person. Those with the money or the means are either setting off to find it themselves or hiring adventurers to do their bidding. In this plot of mystery only a few things are certain: a war is brewing, there is treasure for the taking, there is adventure to be had, and death knocks at the door; will you answer?


Neo Nidus

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